How To Repair Mercury Inverter F5 Error Easily

How To Repair Mercury Inverter F5 Error Easily


This article will show you how to repair Mercury Inverter F5 error easily.  Please note that all Mercury Inverters come with a one year warranty and breaking the seal makes the warranty void.


F5 Error

When the inverter is switched on, it only comes on for a few seconds then starts beeping with F5 on the LCD display.  This is usually an indicator of a blocked fan.



Cleaning or replacing the fan should resolve the issue

How to use the Mercury Battery Backup Calculator

How to use the Mercury Battery Backup Calculator

The Mercury Battery Backup Calculator is designed to help you determine how  long your inverter battery or bank of batteries will last on a full charge.    


Step 1: Battery Amp/Hrs

In the first field use the slider to select the total Amp/Hrs of your battery or bank of batteries.  For example If you are using a 12v inverter with two 200ah 12v Deep Cycle batteries,move the slider to 400.  Two 12v batteries connected in parallel equals 12 volts and 400 Amp/Hrs.

If you are using a 24v inverter with two 200ah 12v Deep Cycle batteries,move the slider to 200.   Two 12v batteries connected in series equals 24 volts  and 200 Amp/Hrs.  If you are using a 48v inverter with four  200ah 12v Deep Cycle batteries, move the slider to 200.  Four 12v batteries connected in series equals 48 volts and 200 Amp/Hrs.


Step 2: Inverter Voltage

In the second field select the voltage of your inverter.  For example if you are using a Mercury 1.2kva (Classic Model) select 12v.  If you are using a Mercury 2.4kva (Classic Model) or a 3kva (Mercury Soho) inverter select 24v and if you are using a Mercury 5kva (Mercury Soho) inverter select 48v.


Step 3: Load


In the third field enter the total wattage of appliances connected to the inverter.  You can find the wattage of each item by looking at markings on the body, in the user manual or with the help of a watt meter.


Step 4: Backup Hours

In the fourth field the Mercury Battery Backup Calculator will tell you how many hours you can expect your inverter to run till the battery or bank of batteries reach an 80% depth of discharge.

Mercury Inverter Tips and Tricks

Get to know your Mercury Inverter. Learn the Mercury inverter tips and tricks to get the most out of your Inverter.

1. Use new Deep Cycle Batteries

The main job of an Inverter is to convert DC to AC, it draws from one or more batteries to power your home or office appliances. The best batteries for Inverter usage are Deep Cycle batteries. They are designed to provide a steady amount of current over a long period of time and to be deeply discharged over and over again.

2. Choose the right size Inverter for your needs

When it comes to Inverters, bigger does not always mean better. Choosing the wrong size Inverter could mean that you spend significantly more money than you need too. In most cases the bigger the capacity of Inverter the higher the voltage required to power it.

A 1.2kva Mercury Inverter requires only one 12 volts. A 2.4kva Mercury Inverter requires two 12 volt batteries connected in series to generate the required 24 volts.

3. Use Energy Saving Bulbs

Compared to normal light bulbs energy saving bulbs use on average about 25% – 80% less energy. Which means less load on your Inverter and longer runtime.

4. Use Energy Efficient Home Appliance

They will not only help you save money. They will also help you increase the number of hours your Inverter can run for each day. Both LG and Samsung have state of the art energy-efficient products. For example, you can buy A+++ Air conditioners, fridges and TVs and there are now TVs available which use less energy than a light bulbs

5. Implement Energy Saving Practices

Switch things off when you are not in the room, for example, lights, TVs, fans and game consoles.   Make “”turn it off when done”” a family habit.

6. Respect Low Battery Alarm

When the Low Battery alarm on the Mercury Inverter sounds, turn the Inverter off. The alarm is there to warn you that the level of discharge is low. If you don,t turn off the alarm, your batteries will be excessively drained. If you continue to do this day after day you will eventually ruin your batteries.

7. Fully Charge New Batteries

When you buy new Mercury inverter batteries, make sure to  charge them for 8 hours, before using for the first time. This will help ensure they service you longer.

8. Use Identical Batteries

For best performance, ensure all batteries are of the same brand, age and capacity.

9. Read the Manual

Before you install and use a Mercury Inverter. Read the user manual, all instructions and cautionary markings on the device and on the batteries.

10. Use Automatic Changeover Mode

Your family will not have to run around when NEPA strikes, the lights will remain on and the DSTV will not restart in the middle of your favourite programme.”