The Mercury Inverter 2.4kva User Manual will help you familiarise yourself with all of the features of the Mercury 2.4kva inverter and the correct installation procedure.

The Mercury Inverter 2.4kva is compact and designed to power your home appliances and precious electronics. Its compact size enables easy installation and high movability. Compared with traditional inverters in the market, this inverter provides two operation modes: UPS mode and Inverter mode. On UPS mode, the inverter can provide continuous power to general home appliances. At Inverter mode, the inverter can provide continuous power to bulb and fan loads.

The inverter has two charging modes:10A and 20A, select 10A mode when connecting to battery sizes 100AH  and lower, select 20A mode when connecting to 100AH and above.

Product Overview

Mercury 2.4kva Front-View


Important Safety Warnings

Before using the inverter, please read all instructions and cautionary
markings on the unit, the manual and batteries.

General Precaution-

Conventions used:

WARNING! Warnings identify conditions or practices that could result in personal injury;

CAUTION! Cautions identify conditions or practices that could result in damage to the unit or other equipment connected.

CAUTION! The unit is designed for indoor use. Do not expose this unit to rain or liquids of any type.

CAUTION! To reduce the risk of injury, only use qualified batteries from qualified
distributors or manufacturers. Any unqualified batteries may cause damage and injury. Do NOT use old or overdue batteries. Please check the battery type and date code before installation to avoid damage and injury.

WARNING! To connect the inverter to a fuse box engage the services of a qualified electrician, with extensive experience of connecting inverters to NEPA.

WARNING! It’s very important for system safety and efficient operation to use
appropriate external battery cables. To reduce the risk of injury, external battery cables
should be UL certified and rated for 75 C or higher. Do not use copper cables
less than lOAWG. Below is the external battery cable reference according to system


CAUTION! Do not disassemble the inverter. Contact a Mercury Service Centre
when service or repair is required.

WARNING! Provide ventilation to outdoors from the battery compartment. The battery enclosure should be designed to prevent accumulation and concentration of hydrogen gas at the top of the compartment.

CAUTION! Use insulated tools to reduce the chance of short-circuiting when installing or
working with the inverter, the batteries, or other equipment attached to this unit.
CAUTION! For battery installation and maintenance, read the battery manufacturer’s
installation and maintenance instructions prior to operating.

Personnel Precaution –

CAUTION! Careful to reduce the risk or dropping a metal tool on the batteries. It could
spark or short circuit the batteries and could cause an explosion.

CAUTION! Remove personal metal items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and
watches when working with batteries. Batteries can produce a short circuit current
high enough to make metal melt and could cause severe burns.

CAUTION! Avoid touching eyes while working near batteries.

CAUTION! Have plenty of fresh water and soap nearby in case battery acid contacts
skin, clothing, or eyes.

CAUTION! NEVER smoke or allow a spark or flame in the vicinity of a battery.
CAUTION! If a remote or automatic generator start system is used, disable the
automatic starting circuit or disconnect the generator to prevent an accident during servicing.


Mercury 2.4kva Spec


NOTE: Before installation, inspect the unit and be sure that nothing inside the package is damaged.

Step 1

A qualified electrician should create a NEPA only charging socket for the inverter.   The charging socket needs to be NEPA only, so the inverter does not feedback on itself.

Step 2

From the fuse box, a qualified electrician should separate the intended inverter load from the load which will be powered by NEPA and Gen only e.g AC, fridge and kitchen sockets.

Step 3

Confirm that the inverter is switched off.  Connect the inverter to an external battery bank



WARNING! Please use the appropriate battery cable. Please refer to Important
Safety Warnings Section for the details.

c: – Tight the battery cables with the M5 nuts. Do NOT place anything between the
flat part of the battery terminal and the battery cable ring terminal, or overheating
may occur. (See Fig.1)

Mercury Inverter Battery Cable Connect


Battery type selection and configuration and charging current mode selection: 4.2.1Normal configuration method:

For Inverter 1200VA, it is suggested that maximum capacity of. a battery is 12V/200Ah. With different type, detailed respectively, the  suggested configuration is as follows:

For Inverter 2400VA, it is suggested that maximum capacity of the battery is  24V/400Ah.

For different sizes, the detailed configuration is suggested as follows:


Long backup configuration method: For special requirements,

How to Mixed Connection (See Fig 3)

The maximum battery capacity that should be connected to the inverter is shown below

For Inverter 1200VA, the detailed configuration for different battery sizes is suggested as follows:

For Inverter  2400VA,with different type, respectively the detailed configuration for different battery sizes is suggested as follows:


1.2kva Battery Connection
1.2kva Battery Connection


Step 4

Plug the inverter load into one of the AC output sockets on the back of the inverter.

Step 5

Plug in the AC input cord to the NEPA only wall outlet. The unit will automatically charge the connected external battery bank even though the unit is off.

Mounting the Unit

The unit can be mounted to a wall surface.  Please follow below steps:

  1. Turn off the unit before mounting.
  2. Select an appropriate mounting location.  Use a horizontal line and the length of the line must be 205 mm and mark the two ends of the wall. (see Fig.4)
  3. Drill two marks by screws.
  4. Mount the unit by positioning the key-hole slots over the mounting screw (see Fig.5 )


    Power On/Off

    Once the inverter has been properly installed, press the power switch to turn on the unit. The unit will work automatically in line mode or inverter mode according to input utility power’s  status. When pressing the power switch again, the unit will be turned off.  The inverter LCD displays the following:

    1. Input voltage

    2. Output voltage

    3. AC mode (machine in line mode, this LCD symbol lights )

    4. Battery mode (when AC input voltage is abnormal, this LCD symbol lights)

    5. Battery level (Battery capability)

    6. Low battery (when battery voltage is low, this LCD symbol flashes)

    7. Load level (Lod percent)

    8. Overload (when there is output overloading,  this LCD symbol flashes)

    9. Fault mode (this LCD symbol will light when the inverter is in fault mode, such as output shorted, overload)

Operation  Mode Selector

a). “”UPS “”: setting for the conventional electrical appliance.

If you select this mode, the unit’s input utility range is narrow.If the utility is higher or lower than this range, the unit will transfer to battery mode automatically. And you can connect the general home appliances when you select this operation mode.

b). “”INV “”: se_tting for energy saving.

If you select this mode, the unit’s input utility range is wide.  If the utility is higher or lower than this range, the unit will transfer to inverter mode automatically.  So, you can connect lamp and fan load.

Charging Current Mode Selector

  • “”10A’: The maximum charging current is 10A, select 10A mode When Connecting Battery 100AH and Lower.
  • “”20A’: The maximum charging current is 20A, select 20A mode When Connecting Battery 100AH and Above.

Mercury Inverter Trouble Shooting

Mercury Inverter Trouble-Shooting

115 thoughts on “Mercury Inverter 2.4kva User Manual

  1. I have a 2.4kva 24v digital mercury Inverter and it brings a fault alerm in the middle of the night and on screen display fault I off it and on it back it start working but shortly phcn was restored and later when phcn was taking the inverter just tripped off.when on it on Battery Backup it on and goes off back pls what might be the cause and it has never been repaired before waiting for your reply thanks

    1. Hi Kehinde,

      Sounds like there could be an issue with your connection, ask your installer to check the electrical wiring. This issue may also be due to intermittent bad current from NEPA. If your installer is unable to detect any issues, please give us a call on 07037451701

    2. When NEPA brings light, does the display show that inverter is charging (bars blinking) ? How long does it charge before it shows fully charged (4 solid bars) ?

  2. Good morning Mercury,

    I am(was) a happy user of a 2.4kva mercury inverter. I have been happy with it for a little over a year now. But lately it has been acting funny. Lasting only 5mins and i am very sure that my batteries are still good.

    I noticed though that the load level is now tilted towards the heavy side. But i havent added any new load to it.

    Pleas what do i do?

      1. Ideally it takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge the batteries.
        But now it does it in under and hour. And in under 2mins (no exaggeration) after the the power goes off, the inverter start beeping and goes off.
        I noticed though that the load level is now tilted towards the heavy side. But i havent added any new load to it.even when i remove all the load applied and observe the inverter i get the same result of heavy load indication and near instant beeping and the inverter going off

    1. Hi David,

      Switch off the inverter and all connected load. Unplug the charging plug from the wall socket. Switch the inverter back on. Does it still show F5 ? If there is no fault alarm, turn the load on one by one.

  3. Hi, I have a mercury 2.4kva inverter. Been using it for 3 months now but when I turn it on shows fault F5. I disconnected the charging plug from the socket and removed all loads but it is still the same. Kindly advise if I need to send it back to the seller and claim my warranty.

    1. Hi Jamiu,

      All Mercury Inverters come with a one year warranty. Please do contact the seller for repair or replacement under warranty.

  4. At what battery voltage is the Mercury 1.2kva Inverter suppose to beep? because I notice mine starts beeping 11.36v and then suddenly dropped to 11.0v after about 5mins and then dropped the load.

    1. Hi Donald,

      The Mercury 1.2kva is suppose to beep, when the battery or battery bank reaches a depth of discharge grater than 80% of its capacity. It is advisable to switch off the inverter whenever the alarm goes off in order to protect the connected battery or batteries from damage.

  5. Pls I would like a diagram to show how I can connect my inverter to solar panels through the controller and then to NEPA (main grid) because I want to use both.
    Do I need breakers between?
    I use a mercury 24kva inv.


    1. Hi Ladi,

      Switch off the inverter and all connected load. Unplug the charging plug from the wall socket and the load plug from the back of the inverter. Switch the inverter back on. Does it still show F3 ? If there is no fault alarm, plug the charging plug back into the wall socket and the load plug into the back of the inverter. turn the load on one by one.

  6. My 2.4kva mercury inverter shows f2 fault. What could be the cause? How do l remedy it. This just happened on 24th of December of all days. Please, I need an urgent solution

    1. Hi Uche,

      Switch off the inverter and all connected load. Unplug the charging plug from the wall socket and the load plug from the back of the inverter. Switch the inverter back on. Does it still show F3 ? If there is no fault alarm, plug the charging plug back into the wall socket and the load plug into the back of the inverter. turn the load on one by one.

  7. Hi,my mecury inverter displays warning sign (ac mode off)as soon as I put it on,battery level full but it brings on light and takes it back almost Immediately,I have switched off all the gadgets I the house,same thing,

    1. Hi Olayinka,

      Sounds like there could be a issue with your batteries or your inverter is not charging correctly Please give us a call on 07037451701 to book a site visit

  8. i have a 2400VDC mercury invert er and a very good 12v battery. can it work or must i have 24v batteries before t can power on?

    1. Hi Philip,

      The Mercury 2400 inverter is 24 volts inverter and needs to be connected to a 24v battery bank before it will power on.

  9. Hi Orlando, I have a 1.2kva mercury inverter which have been charging and backing up well until recently that when there is input it start blowing and alarm and on the display no fault displayed and doesn’t back up anymore.

    1. Hi Blessing,

      Sounds like there could be a issue with your batteries or your inverter is not charging correctly Please give us a call on 07037451701 to book a site visit

  10. Hello, I just bought my 2400VA mercury inverter yesterday. It looks like its working fine because the lights, fan and TVs are working but its not charging my UPS.( I use the UPS for my CCTV). My UPS tries to charge but continues making its on and off alarm sound signalling that there is not even power entering it to charge. Pls what do I do? On the inverter I can see that my batteries showing the full bar sign . My output signal is just one bar and I can see something like “232 vac” at the output section. Pls how do I get the UPS charging with the inverter.( NOTE: I had no UPS issues with my previous inverter).

    1. Hi Lola,
      Thanks for choosing Mercury. The Mercury Inverter 2.4kva is designed to provide uninterrupted power supply. When NEPA takes light, the inverter should automatically take over without any of your appliances going off. You should not have to use another ups with the inverter. The changeover time of the Mercury 2400va inverter is 20 milliseconds, which is suitable for most use cases. There are however some appliances which are very sensitive. Try plunging the CCTV without the UPS. Does it go off when NEPA takes light ?

  11. Thanks for your reply Orlando. The reason why I have to use the UPS is because I don’t want the CCTV to go off even for a second because it takes a long process for it to reboot and start over again. Sometimes we need to put on the generator if NEPA goes off for a long time. The period we need to change from inverter /NEPA to generator , the CCTV will go off if its not connected to the UPS. The previous inverter I had worked well with the UPS so I’m wondering why this new inverter can’t charge the ups. I will be expecting your reply. Thank you.

        1. Selecting Inverter mode means that inverter will operate in a wide voltage range 90-280 Vac, most home appliance like fans, bulbs and the majority of modern TV,s work well with this mode and will not go off when NEPA takes the light.

          The UPS mode is designed to be used with equipment which tend to go off when there is any kind of delay during changeover e.g desktop computers. When using UPS mode the inverter will operate in a narrow voltage range of 170 – 280 Vac. If power supply from NEPA goes below 170, the inverter automatically switches to battery mode. While this will stop equipment from going off, the batteries will be used more than would otherwise be the case, which will mean a reduction in the backup time they are able to provide when there is a real power cut. You can test your CCTV using the UPS mode on the inverter.

          If for any reason you are still having issues. You can try charging the Bulegate UPS fully with NEPA before using it with the inverter and CCTV. After changing over to and from gen the inverter should charge the UPS back to full in a short amount of time.

          10A and 20A relates to the charging current used for charging the battery bank connected to the inverter. It is important to chose the correct setting based on the size of your battery bank, for example for 100AH you can select 10A and for 200ah you can select 20a

          1. I’ve tried the UPS mode but the issue still remains. Do you think i should buy a mercury UPS maybe 650VA and everything will be ok? Kindly advice. Thank you.

  12. The UPS is a Bluegate UPS and its 653KVA. Ppls explain to me what the meaning of UPS mode and inverter mode at the back of my inverter . Also, what is the importance of the the 10A and 20A.


  13. I have a mercury 2.4kva inverter. please anytime i press the on button, it will show fault alarm,I have removed all the load, unplug the sockets it still shows the alarm. It started doing That these morning. please how can i rectify this issue?

    1. Dear Mr Mofiyin,

      It sounds like your inverter has developed a fault. Please contact the point of sale, the inverter will be repaired or replaced free of charge, if it is still under warranty. If it is out of warranty call 07037451701

    1. Hi Belema,

      The Mercury 2.4kva is a 24 Volt inverter. You can use two 12 volt batteries connected in series to generate the required 24 volts.

  14. I use a mercury Radiant 24v. It suddenly went off at night showing an error I can’t remember. Since then it’s no longer noticing input but continuously displays 520 at the input side of the display even while it’s unplugged. Pls help

  15. Hello olalando
    Please assist my inverter now refuses to charge it ask like it charging but it’s not after 5mins or less it stops, the battery charging icon dosnt move… And later it shows full when I put on the inverter after a while it shows low. What do I do

    1. Rabiu,

      It sounds like one or more of your batteries may be bad. You can disconnect the batteries and load test them individually. Test each battery with the same load. Read the voltage before and after testing with a multimeter or a battery tester, if one or more of the batteries shows a massive voltage drop after a short period time, the battery (or batteries) is bad and needs replacing. Alternatively you can give us a call on 07037451701 to arrange a home visit and we will test your batteries for you.

  16. Hi I have a mercury 2.4kva inverter, just got it. If i were to charge with a generator what KVA rating do you suggest, i have 2 100 amp batteries connected

  17. Hello got a mecury iverter 2.4kv was working okay before i went for work … came back and try using ir it showing over load and not charging , not supplying light at all .. dont know what to do

    1. Hi Isiak,

      The Mercury 2.4kva is a modified sine wave inverter, ideal for lights, TV,s and fans, but not for pumping machines

  18. GOOD DAY,

    1. Trying plugging and extension, does it bring light ? If so then the fuse in the plug that supplies power to the load connected to the inverter may be burnt. Ask your electrician to check it. If you are still having issues give us a call on 07037451701

  19. my inverter just started showing f2 error. it does not supply current. please what could have caused this and how will I resolve it.

  20. Hello, my 1200VA mercury inverter has stopped producing output but it displays Fault icon on the screen. I’ve tried the possible solution from this thread, yet no changes. I’m using two 12V, 150AH batteries connected in parallel. The inverter is charging but no output. Kindly help

  21. I just bought 2.4kva inverter and I am using 4 batteries.When it’s on the 4 battery bars keeps blinking.please how do you know from the inverter the batteries are fully charged.

  22. Hello, please I have a question. Am considering which to buy. An inverter or a generator. Can any user please share which he thinks is better based on experience? Thanks.

    1. An Inverter has many advantages, however to fully enjoy the benefits you need to have a reliable means of recharging the battery (or batteries) used by the inverter to store energy. If NEPA gives you 6 – 8 hours light everyday that’s perfect for using an inverter, but as we all know NEPA is very unreliable, so you need a dependable alternative source energy for recharging your battery bank. In our experience the solution is to use an inverter with solar. This allows you to use free energy from the sun during the day to power your appliances while at the same charging your battery bank for use in the night.

      If you are unable to install solar, then the answers to your question is that you should buy both an inverter and a generator. The advantage of buying both is that the inverter will reduce dramatically the number of hours you will need to run your gen.

  23. Hello Olalando,
    I just got a 2.4 kva Inverter, it was tested and working properly, when I got home trying to unpacked it to connect to a 100 ah battery, I noticed something sounding inside, after connection to the 100 ah battery it didn’t power on.
    Is there a fault with the Inverter or what is the problem?

    1. The Mercury 2.4kva inverter is a 24 volt inverter, it has to be contacted to a 24 volt battery bank before it will power on. For example two 100ah 12 volt batteries connected in series will give you 24 volt. The Mercury 1.2kva is a 12 volt inverter and requires only one 12 volt battery to power on.

    1. You can increase the size of your battery bank from 2 x 200ah to 4 x 200ah (for example) to make it last longer. If 2x 200ah batteries last you for 10 hours you can expect 4x 2000ah batteries to last you for 20 hours. Do keep in mind that the bigger the size of your battery bank, the more hours are needed to fully recharge.

  24. Good day, please is it wrong to plug my inverter to socket from NEPA/ Generator line?
    And will 2.4kva mercury inverter be able to power 1 fridge, 1 flat screen, 5 ceiling fans, 1 home theatre and bulbs.

    1. The charging plug of the Inverter should be plugged into a socket which is NEPA/GEN only. It should not be plugged into a socket powered by the inverter or it will feedback on itself. You can also plug in a NEPA/GEN socket the load plug which is plugged into the back of the inverter to bypass the inverter. The Mercury 2.4kva inverter can power flat screen, ceiling fans, home theatre and bulbs. We do not advice that you use it to power a fridge, we would recommend you use a pure sine wave inverter to power appliances with a starting motor.

  25. I have mercury 2.4kva modified sinewave inverter is it possible to charge it with solar panels and NEPA at the same time?

    1. Yes you can charge your batteries using both Solar panels and NEPA. The Solar Panels should be connected to the batteries Via a Solar Charge Controller. The inverter should be connected directly to same battery bank.

  26. Where in Port Harcourt can buy a 2.4kva mercury inverter…..I need addresses/ phone numbers of authentic dealers ASAP

  27. I am about to order this 2.4kva mercury inverter what is the specs and number for a trailer battery I should buy and install with to power my flat. I picked the fridge should be left out

    1. The Mercury 2.4kva inverter is 24 volt Modified Sine Wave inverter. You should buy Deep Cycle Inverter batteries (not trailer batteries). It works with a minimum of 2 12v batteries connected in series. It ideal for powering lights , TV, and fans.

  28. Hi, I have been using my Mercury 2.4KVA inverter for over a year and it works fine but started showing F5 with long alarm without output supply. Pls assist on how to fix it or reliable technician in Abuja, Kubwa to be precise if any.

    1. Please try the following:

      1. Turn off the inverter
      2. Switch of the NEPA charging socket
      3. Remove the load plug from the back of the inverter
      4. Disconnect one of the battery terminals, wait 60 seconds then reconnect.
      5. Turn the inverter back on ?
      6. If the sound and error massage persist, give us a call on 07037451701

    1. Try plugging an extension to the back of the inverter. Does the inverter power it? If yes, turn off the inverter and check the load plug connected to the back of the inverter, it’s fuse maybe burnt. If the plug is OK, it could be that a breaker in your distribution board has tripped off

  29. My Mercury 3VA just shut down instantly when the generator was off and started making sound. The LCD light is off and it shows ‘fault’ code.
    Anytime I try to turn it on, it will swift off instantly by itself with a loud sound and the ‘fault’ code will show on it without d LCD light.
    Kindly help me out.

  30. Good day, I have been using the mercury 2400 for about 10 months now with no issue untill about a week ago. I noticed the battery bars does not blink as usual when charging but makes the usual charging sound. When there is no light and I put it on, it will start beeping within 10 minutes. Please what can I do

    1. It may be that one or more of your batteries are weak. You can try disconnecting the batteries and using a volts meter to confirm the health of each battery

  31. Help.
    F5 error with alarm and no output in 2.4k Inverter.
    It’s already out of warranty period.
    Where can I fix this precisely in Kwara state

  32. Hi. My Rafiant 2000 inverter is continously beep without any reasone. Could someone sort out my yhis problem. Everything is fine.

    1. To resolve this issue, remove one of the cables from the battery head. Wait for 10 seconds then replace the cable.

  33. Hello. I am evaludating adding a 3KW solar system + battery back that is connected to the PHCN grid. Do you recommend using the Spirit Hybrid 3kVA Inverter Charge Controller or a stand-alone Pure Sine wave Inverter AND stand-alone charge controller. What are the pros and cons of each option? Thanks

    1. We would recommend using the Mercury 3kva Spirit (Plus) Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter. It comes with an inbuilt MPPT charge controller and it prioritizes the best option between NEPA or solar for charging your battery bank. If there is good sunlight it will use solar (even if there is NEPA available) thus helping you reduce your NEPA bill.

      The unit cost N185,000 with one year warranty. To buy an external MPPT charge controller of same size and quality will cost over N100,000 just for the charge controller.

    1. The Inverters needs to be connected to a battery bank before it will display. If you are using a Mercury 1.2 12v Inverter then you can connect the inverter to one or more 12v batteries. If you are using a Mercury 2.4 24v inverter then you can connect the inverter to two or more 12v batteries

  34. please which mode should i select on the inverter between inv and ups mode when am connecting my house appliance to 2.4kva mecury inverter

  35. Your BATTERY BACKUP TIME CALCULATOR shows that 24V (2.4KVA) lasts Longer than 12V (1.2KVA), given that AH and Watts consumed are the same… How true is this?
    Kindly Validate this claim.

  36. I just bought a 2.4kva mercury inverter last week and I want to know if I can connect it to 3 sets of 200AH batteries or must it be 4 batteries?

    1. The Mercury Pure Sine Wave SOHO 3KVA, 5KVA, and 7.5KVA inverters are transformer based. The Mercury 1.2kva and 2.4KVA modified Sine Wave inverters are transformerless. The Mercury Pure Sine Wave Spirit line of inverters is also transformerless

  37. My inverter is showing faulty F5 . Have switched it off so many times and have ON it back again yet it keeps beeping and showing the F5 fault . I also noticed the fan suddenly stopped rolling . So what Can I do ?

    1. The F5 fault sign is usually an indication there is an issue with the Inverters fan. If the Inverter is still under warranty, please contact the point of sale to have the issue resolved free of charge. If the Inverter is out of warranty, give us a call on 07037451701

  38. What charging option at the back of the inverter should i select for 2 12v 150ah batteries with your 2.4kva inverter..10 or 20

  39. Hello,
    While charging,without putting it On, the Output is show 1bar as if it is on and discharging.
    Even after several hours of charging, with the 2 200ah batteries, it runs out within 3hrs.
    The installation is barely 3months old.
    Please what do I do to resolve this?

    1. Hi Olalekan,

      On the back of the Inverter you will see a switch with 10a/ 20ah written on top, ensure that 20a is selected. Please charge for 8 hours using NEPA, then test how many hours it runs for before the alarm goes off. You can use the Mercury backup calulator to determine how many hours backup your battery bank should giving you when running the amount of load you are running.

  40. my mercury 2.4kva inverter shows the battery bar full even when I used it for hours. when the battery is low it goes off. when connected to NEPA it does not charge the battery it will show the battery bar full

  41. Good morning, I got the 2.4Kva Mercury inverter since July 2016 with 2 200AH batteries, realised Blue Led light doesn’t come up any more on d LCD displace. And the power doesn’t last more than 3 hrs, we only use fan and tv in the living room which wasn’t the case before

    1. It sounds like your batteries have become weak and need replacing. Batteries have a fixed number of cycles, which determine how many times they can be discharged and recharged. How deeply you discharge your batteries each day impacts how many years they last. Please give us a call on 07037451701 to discuss how you can trade in your batteries for new ones and also have your inverter fixed.

      1. How many bars would show on a 2.4kva inverter if it is fully charged. Also I used 4 batteries of 12A each, is it suitable for a 2.4 kva? Lastly, with the 4 batteries (recently changed) the backup time does not last up to 3hours as the beeping sound starts beeping. I only use a fan, TV and 3 energy bulds.
        Kindly advise

        1. When NEPA or GEN light is available the Mercury 2.4kva Inverter should show 4 solid bars when it is fully charged. The number of hours it will run for is dependant on the total wattage of your load. For example, if you have a total load of 300 watts and you are using 4 200ah batteries, then it should give you a backup time of approximately 20 hours. If you are using 4 100ah batteries it should give you 10 hours backup time. How old are your batteries ?

          1. They are 4 (200AH) batteries which are just 7 months old. Their initial reading were 13.5 each and the first time it was installed it lasted for 20 hours with 8 solid bars on the inverter display monitor. Presently, even with long charging (NEPA or Gen), the backup time has reduced to less than 4hours. Appliances used are the Led TV, 3 energy bulds, decoder and a ceiling fan. What could possibly be the cause of this back drop?

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