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Mercury Inverters

Get the perfect combination of top performance and low pricing in the Mercury series of power inverters. Coming from Kobian Pte Ltd, makers of the Mercury brand of computer components and peripherals, Mercury inverters are both affordable and easy to maintain.

The Mercury inverter brand is the most widely installed in Nigeria. It is popular because of its reliable performance. Mercury inverters are built to provide power efficiency. With the Mercury 1.2kva and 2.4kva modified sine wave inverters, as well as the Mercury 3kva and 5kva Pure Sine Wave inverters you get an inverter that will serve your power backup needs,at a reasonable price! Why spend a fortune, if you can get the desired result with an affordable system?.

Mercury inverters from Kobian Pte Limited are backed with a full year manufacturers warranty. So, you get full protection for your investment in a Mercury inverter. The Mercury Service Centers in Nigeria offer total support to keep your Mercury inverter working to deliver the best value for your investment.

Your Mercury inverter is a long-term investment, built to deliver many years of consistent service. You will recoup your cost within a very short period time, by saving hundreds of thousands of naira on fuel.

If you have not bought an inverter yet just because of the cost factor, Mercury Inverters are available at a price you will not get from other major inverter manufacturers and are an excellent starting point.