Mercury Online UPS EP 10 to 800KVA 3:3 Phase


Mercury Online UPS EP 10~800KVA

Large/Medium Computer Data Center, Industrial Process and Other Mission Critical Equipment.


• Self diagnosis
• Double CPU control
• LCD with control panel
• Wide input voltage range
• Static bypass technology
• Manual maintenance bypass
• Network management function
• Non-fixed master/slave parallel
• Parallel connection upto 6 units
• Advanced battery management
• Double conversion online technology
• Automatically convert to constant current
• Constant voltage and charging technology
• Full protection against over discharge overcharge/overload


Nominal Voltage 380 / 400 / 415VAC (-25%~+20%),
(3Ph + N + PE)
Frequency 50/60Hz±5%
Phase 3 Phase 4 Wire & Ground
Rectifier 3 Phase 6 Pulses / 12 Pulses
Power Factor ≥0.8 (6 Pulse), ≥0.85 (12 Pulse)


Rating Voltage 380 / 400 / 415VAC (Optional)
Phase Voltage Setting 200~244VAC (Control panel)
Transient Response ±5%, 20ms
Frequency 50/60Hz±0.05%
THDv Load>3% (Linear load)
Overload Load<110%, 60 mins, Load<125%,
10 mins, Load<150%, 1 min
Crest Factor 3 : 1 (Max)
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Short Circuit Current Short current for 0.1 sec (200% Current)


Model Maintenance free lead-acid cell
DC Voltage 10KVA~400KVA 384VDC, 500KVA 480VDC


Type Static state + Manual maintenance bypass
Input Voltage Range +20% to -40% (Software settable)
Input Frequency Range Default ±10% (±2.5%~±20% Software settable)
Transfer Time Inverter/Bypass: 0ms (Synchronized),
Inverter/Bypass: 15ms (Not synchronized)
RS485, RS232, SNMP card (Optional)

System Features

Remote Signaling Dry Contact, Battery low, Battery discharging,
Bypass, Fault, 12VDC/80mA
Remote Control EPO to Bypass
Temperature 0˚C~40˚C
Humidity Less than 95% (Without condensing)
Altitude 1000m Output nominal power (With increase
of 100m, It will reduce output of 1%) Max
Noise at 1M Less than 60dB
Inverter Efficiency 10KVA~40KVA: ≥90%
Optional Isolation transformer, Harmonic filter, Parallel
units upto 6


Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 10KVA~40KVA : 570 x 800 x 1195
54KVA~72KVA: 880 x 760 x 1600
100KVA~120KVA: 1160 x 805 x 1600 (6P)
160KVA~200KVA: 1400 x 945 x 1900 (6P)
300KVA~400KVA: 1640 x 1040 x 1900 (6P)
500KVA~600KVA: 2800 x 1040 x 1900 (6P)
800KVA: 3900 x 1100 x 1950 (12P)


Models EP 10/EP 20/EP 30/EP 40/EP 60/EP 80/
EP 100/EP 120/EP 160/EP 200/EP 300/
EP 400/EP 500/EP 600/EP 800
Rating Capacity 10KVA/20KVA/30KVA/40KVA/60KVA/
Rating Power 9kW, 18kW, 27kW, 36kW, 54kW, 72kW,
90kW, 108kW, 144kW, 180kW, 270kW,
360kW, 450kW, 540kW, 720kW


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