Battery Maintenance Tips

Battery Maintenance Tips

Mercury Elite 220Ah Tall Tubular Battery

  • Battery top should always be kept clean and dry.  Always use moist cotton cloth only.  Never use woolen / Silk or Synthetic cloth as it can create a spark.
  • Apply Protection Jelly (Vaseline) externally over the terminals and cable clamps to avoid corrosions.  Never apply grease. Terminal corrosion, dirt, and moisture causes loss of power and makes the battery weak.
  • The electrolyte level should be maintained as per the level indicator on the battery during installation or while topping up.  Do not top up with acid/electrolyte/ mineral water or tap water.
  • Water loss will happen during usage.  Check your battery regularly and maintain the electrolyte level within the band as per marks indicated.
  • Match charger to the battery


For 12v battery

  1. Charging current (A) 10% of C20 capacity with maximum champ voltage of 14.5V
  2. Trickle charge vol – 13.8V
  3. Battery discharge cut out voltage minimum 10.8V.

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