Mercury Deep Cycle Battery 200Ah 12V Set of 2


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The Mercury Deep Cycle Battery 200Ah 12V Elite 200.  Leak-proof sealed maintenance free with a wide operating temperature, high-impact resistant cast and low self-discharge.

This inverter battery comes with a protective tray.   Also in the box are terminal covers that are colour-coded for easy identification of battery polarity.  These protect your battery, Inverter and also yourself from harm.


Nominal Voltage                                 12v

Rated Capacity(20 Hour Rate)            200ah



20 Hour Rate (10.0A)      200AH

10 Hour Rate (18.4A)      184AH

5  Hour Rate  (32.0A)      160AH

1 Hour Rate   (120.0A)    120AH

15 Minute Rate (328A)     82.0AH


This battery comes with a 1-year warranty


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